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Your opportunities will be as vast as the ocean with the ultimate business card: a published book.
Give wings to your brand or business. Let us help you get off the ground.


Market yourself on the World Wide Web with JJC’s Online Business Services. We specialize in helping you create the ultimate business card: a published book. Instill in your current clients confidence while impressing future customers with your expertise by handing them a book you’ve written. Through our services, we will assist you in communicating your wisdom, knowledge and expertise to others through the written page.

Our services don’t have to stop there. We also work with social media venues such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube, while harnessing network power through such venues as Plurk, Digg, Delicious, Vimeo, StumbleUpon, Google+, etc., to provide you and your book the online exposure you want to expand your brand and business. If you are interested in creating a stronger brand, attracting more clients and customer, and having a sound method to communicate to your them without spending an arm and a leg on advertising, then Jon’s Online Business Services is your place to get started.

Select any of the services from this website and place an order... simple as that. We will be happy to work with you and get your book and social media campaign off the ground.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the contact page, which you can access through the menu above.


P. K. VandcastI trust Jon with my business and all my social media. I highly recommend his work, his services and his products. His company helped me get my start as an author. They also got me going with social media and helped me to market my books. I cannot recommend Jon and his services highly enough... and yes, he has more than one. Simply Outstanding!
Jimmy TurnerI never would have believed the kind of goldmine there is in all this social media and all we could do to increase our business. I am so pleased with the service and incredible value I've received from Jon's Online Business Services that he and his team will continue to be my #1 resource for online marketing. Thanks so much!
Allie O.As I'm just starting out in business, I appreciate that Jon Cardwell's Online Business Services got me started with targeting my local area here in Alabama; and though my future goals are to go national, and hopefully international with my business (or businesses!), I plan to stick with this company because Jon's global experience as a missionary and military man will help me in approaching my business communication with that kind of expertise behind me. With their help, my local business dreams are now a reality and I believe that the sky's the limit for my business future. Thanks Jon!

About the Company

We are a professional publisher and media marketing company. We can help you get published and set up your accounts and pages. Get exposure for your personal brand, products, services, or company, whether you are the head of an enterprise, the go-to guy or gal that gets things done, or an individual entrepreneur or online marketer.

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